Another good article in Forbes discussing the role of conversational AI within text messages, web apps or social media.

In this instance it illustrates how T-Mobile developed an in-house AI model called Expert Assist to do just that... provide expert assistance to customer questions.

AI takes care of the heavy lifting as it gathers information and categorizes the message, even serving up internal wiki to help the customer service rep resolve the customer's issue - all happening before the rep even receives the initial message.

This helps the customer service reps as they don't have to  spend time finding the right bit of information from the vast store of internal company knowledge often required to answer and validate customer queries. 

In addition they also built chatbots to answer the simplest questions in order to achieve a quick resolution with no human intervention at all, providing a win-win as the customer has the option to find a quick answer to their questions without having to queue or speak to a live person!

Conversational AI is going to play a BIG part in our everyday lives... watch this space.